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How to buy a villa or why do you need an agent?

If you decide to buy a villa by yourself
What to do?
Searching for properties in ads
Calling by selected villas
Understand that 80% of the properties not update
Spent a lot of time for searching properties that you like
Make an appointment for views
Some condos looks for a weeks due to free time of owners
At this stage, the villa may not be interesting
Price negotiation. The cycle can last from a week to months
Let's say you have agreed on a price
Document verification
Deep check of the legal cleanliness of the villa
Agree and sign a deposit agreement
Need to pay a deposit for the villa
Agree on a deal scheme
Choose place of the deal
Agree on a sales contract
Sign a sales contract
Prepare money and deliver it place of the transaction
Control the transferring money to the seller
Check the documents before registration
Submitting documents for registration
Get ready documents

What do we offer

Prices from developer
We do not take additional commission and do not increase prices for our services
Many choices
For search property, we using our own database, accumulated over many years, including a private groups
Low prices
We find and offer the best deals on the market, using a large database
Interest-free installment
We will help you to get an interest-free installment plan up to 5 years directly from the developer or owner

More than 70% of all our clients return to us for buy house again

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for foreign citizens to buy property in Thailand?

Foreign citizens have the right to acquire real estate in the condos, but only if it does not exceed 49% of the total area of ​​the condominium. To purchase a house, you must register the Thai company since under the laws of Thailand, a foreigner can not own the land. The very property is issued to a Thai company. Thus, you become the owner of the company, which has owned the property.

How to buy property in Thailand?

Your chosen an apartment, you can book by signing the reservation contract on the spot. When you back up the object to make a deposit of approx. 50,000 Baht. As a rule, within one month from the date of signing of the above agreement, signed a contract of sale.

The remaining amount paid in installments during the construction of the facility or in part upon its completion. You can pay cash on the spot or by bank transfer. When importing currency in Thailand need to comply with all the requirements of the legal importation of currency or checks. Imported currency must be exchanged for the local - Batu.

Bank transfer is carried out from a foreign account to Thai. In both cases it is necessary to receive a special bank certificate. After payment of taxes by the buyer transition, he issued a certificate - Chanot, certified by the Land Department of Thailand, on the basis of which the foreign national becomes a full owner of the apartment.

Property rights and inheritance in Thailand?

In Thailand, a foreigner can not rightfully own the land, but it can buy in sole possession of the apartment in a condominium that he has the right to bequeath. In Thailand, there is no special tax on inheritance, but the registration of rights ownership of the apartment you need to pay tax. To make out a will in Thailand should have a Thai lawyer.

With regard to leased land: in case of death of the tenant of land, the property on the land does not pass to the heirs of a foreign citizen. In that case only take over the lease rights, but without the right to further extend its life.

Does Thailand property taxes?
Taxes on non-commercial property does not exist in Thailand. There are so-called "transitional tax", which is paid at a time when buying an apartment.
How much is the legalization of buying an apartment?
Agency commission when buying property in Thailand is always paid by the seller, not the buyer!
At the time of obtaining a certificate of ownership shall be paid the following transitional tax:
  • 0.5% of the estimated purchase price - stamp duty,
  • 2% tax on transfer of ownership,
  • 3.3% business tax,
  • 1% VAT.
Typically, these taxes are levied equally with the seller and buyer, or by mutual agreement - one of the parties. This point should be made in the contract of sale of apartments in advance.
Is it possible to mortgage lending in Thailand?
No mortgage loans to foreign nationals are not available. Developers can provide you with the payment of installments of the initial payment and subsequent monthly payments under the arrangement. When buying an apartment in a condominium usually given a delay for two years.
Is it profitable to take the purchased property for rent?
The cost of rent in Thailand is on average from 0.8 to 1.2% per month on the cost of housing. For example, an apartment in a condominium cost from 900,000 to 1,200,000 baht for rent are available for short periods of do12,000 10,000 baht per month, and for a long period of 7,000 to 9,000 baht per month.
Rental price may vary depending on the season (demand). The biggest demand is fully furnished property. The proximity to the sea also plays a big role.


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